boon|VELOX – Semi Automatic Core Cutter

The VELOX is a user friendly, servo driven machine. 60-70 cuts per minute or about 3000 cuts/hour covers the needs of most medium sized label printing companies. The VELOX guarantees a short pay-back time with a semi automated workflow with just-in-time core availability and standard-only cores on stock.

  • Semi-automatic core cutting machine
  • Fully servo driven with new innovative automation 4.0 features
  • Operator friendly control system with multilingual touch screen
  • Online service


  • Manual loading of cores
  • Job cue management from control panel
  • Fully servo driven
  • Online service
  • Dual knives system
  • Multilingual touch screen
  • User friendly interface
  • Dust control system
  • Front adapter 76 mm (plastic/metal) as standard

Additional information

Standard min core diameter:

25,4 mm

Optional min core diameter:

19 mm

Standard max core diameter:

152,4 mm

Optional max core diameter:

100 mm for cores 19 mm diameter

Min core thickness:

2 mm

Max core thickness:

10 mm

Min cutting length:

10 mm

Max cutting length:

1000 mm

Min core length:

850 mm

Max core length:

2000 mm

Dimensions (HxWxL):

1900 mm x 900 mm x 3300 mm


400 kg

Compressed air:

6 bar

Power requirements:


Electrical supply:

1x230V + N + PE

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